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Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Working on another Cigar Box

I always feel like something is missing from my day if I don't post to my blog, so I'll show you what I was working on yesterday and today.

This cigar box is a bit smaller than the first one, and opens on the opposite side from the other one. I've got a lot more decorating to do on this one, but making the divided inside was a pain, and I've still got to play with it some more.

I decided to use a glue gun so I wouldn't have to clamp it and wait overnight for things to dry all the time, but I'm not sure that was a good idea. The gun has a trigger, but in order to make it work right, I still have to push the glue sticks with my fingers. The trigger doesn't seem to do anything. Also, the glue seems to harden up too fast, and I have to keep heating the dividers up with my heat gun and remelting the glue to get everything to stick. It's a royal pain. I know many people like them, so maybe I got a dud. The glue comes out really well when it's just sitting there, and I get lots of blobs of glue all over the scrap paper I put under it, but when I go to use on on the box, nothing comes out unless I push hard on the glue sticking out of the back. Then it just trickles out and makes little lumps that harden before I can get the dividers in. It's the glue that came with it, so it must be the right kind, but I don't think I am good at glue guns.

I had my share of fun with the outside too. I decided to use my Xyron to put the paper on with. Well, I ran out of adhesive when the top paper was only halfway through. Then I put a new refill in, and ran a new piece through, and the Xyron started to jam up. I lifted the top, and it was winding my paper around the top roller instead of out the back. I've never had that happen before! Anyway, after I finally got it unjammed, things started going better, and I managed to get the paper on the top and sides, as well as mount some Spellbinders die cuts before it was time to start dinner.

Hopefully, I will have a finished box to show you tomorrow!


Marisa Job said...

Another beautiful cigar box!! Great colors!!

Sasha said...

Your recycled cigar box is gorgeous, Kathi. I love the paper you covered it with.
I know what you mean about the glue gun. The glue always dries too quickly for me, too x

Olga said...

Gorgeous creation!!! Sorry I've been missing, the family has gone back to AL and things are back to normal now.......

Myrna said...

Very, very pretty. Of course it would get my vote just for the blue alone. :)
I hope you show the inside too.
You are making my fingers itch to try one.
I can hardly wait to see the finished project.
Anything to do with glue makes me grumpy. So many of them don't work the way you want them to.