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Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Dimensional Wallpaper Card

I tried another dimensional wallpaper card using wallpaper from a different roll I have. I used Tibetan Poppy Teal from Lindy's Stamp Gang again to color the wallpaper, but this time I used watercolors I made from PearlEx Sparkle Gold for the gold parts.

I also used the same gold glitter CS and Core'dinations pearl CS for the matting as I did on the last card.

The center is a flower made from the center of the wallpaper fussy cut from more of the paper, shaped and mounted over the bottom layer.

Last, I added Liquid Pearls.

These cards are much prettier in person than in the photos. The blues, golds, and white CS all shimmer in real life.

Yesterday we went off the island again, and I got some of the Yes! Paste. I'm hoping this will actually work to hold the cards together until I can get some refills for my ATG. I've tried every one of my little glue runners, as well as two brands of glue sticks. Elmers and Avery, and they just don't hold the cards together. With the runners, the edges kept popping up, and with the glue sticks, once dry, they became brittle, and if you bent the card a tiny bit the layers just popped off. It's probably because Iam using very heavy card stock.

I wish Scotch would push the advantages of the ATG more so it would be easier to get. Every time I ask stores to carry the ATGs, they just say that the ATG is too expensive and nobody will buy it. I always try to explain to them that once you have the runner, it's cheaper than the little ones, and it actually sticks, but they just don't get it.

I suppose I'm going to have to try sending for some refills and hope they actually get to me. I sent for something again a few weeks ago, and called to place my order when they wouldn't let me use my PO Box online, and they assured me it would come UPS. They never sent me a tracking number, and I waited every day for the UPS man to show up. Two weeks later, I found out they had shipped through the PO, and it had been sent back for no such address. I'm getting so I really hate having to send for things.


Myrna said...

What a terrible time you have with trying to get supplies.
This is a lovely card.
I wonder if you actually put the post offices physical address on the order form if that would get it to you?
You know ....Kathy....
c/o 123 Post office Street
etc. You get the picture.

Olga said...

problem for sure, bless your heart, but your card is gorgeous!

JD said...

As always, your card is stunning! Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble getting your supplies.

I don't have an ATG gun, but my two crafting buddies do, and tell me they will not ever use the small tape runners again. They both really like theirs, and in the long run...they are more economical. I am thinking of getting one too.

I have wallpaper (Not the pretty kind that you have) but

JD said...

Whoops! I got interrupted with a knock at my door and just realized that I sent my comment off before I finished it.

I started to tell you that I have wallpaper books, that have wallpaper not as pretty as yours, but You are making me think I should take a look at those books to see what I can make with them...You constantly inspire me...thanks for sharing.

Sasha said...

Another lovely textured card, Kathi. I love your floral focal point.
So sorry...You must be fed up with your mailing problems and also not being able to get hold of the tape for your machine x

Marie-Louise said...

This is really lovely Kathi. I have never had an ATG but I tried the small tape runners with no success - I just found that the toppers etc just fell off after a very short time. I now use a wet type glue.

Greta said...

How frustrating about the packages not getting to you. I love this card--gorgeous colors & images!

Antoinette Voorn said...

How original with the wallpaper!! unbelievable!

Gr Antoinette