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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Second Altered Cigar Box

I finally finished it, and this one was a pain! I like the way the first box opens better, but this was a nice box anyway.

This is the top. It was decorated with Spellbinders Floral Ovals and corners by Noor! Designs, and accented with Brilliance Sky Blue, a gold pen and Liquid Pearls. The DP is some I've had in my stash for several years, and the die cuts were done with Core'dinations Pearl.

This is what the longer sides look like. The die cut is from Noor! Designs, and the oval is from Spellbinders Floral Ovals. The gold edges are Dresden trim.

This is what the shorter sides look like. The tag is from Spellbinders. I had this all finished and photographed when I realized that I forgot to use the gold pen on this, so I had to do it while the Liquid Pearls were still wet. It's a bit messy.

This is the top level of the inside. I had a terrible time with the dividers in this box, and will probably tweak them some more.

This is the bottom level inside. It's just as crooked as the top section.


Sasha said...

The finished result is fabulous, Kathi. I love how you embellished it with your spellbinders.
My dear dad used to have some lovely cigar boxes, (I loved the smell of the inside when they were empty), when he passed my mom threw them out. I wish I had kept them x

Marie-Louise said...

A really gorgeous box - beautifully decorated.

Myrna said...

The finished product is absolutely gorgeous.
The interior won't be noticed when it gets filled with jewellry or what ever.
Nice job.

JD said...

Very nice... a lot of work went into this... Your boxes are bringing back memories for me...
I used to cover boxes too, but Not cigar boxes...Do you remember Whitman's sampler boxes? I don't think they make them anymore.
Almost every year that would be the gift my father would give me either for Christmas or my birthday. I guess he didn't know what else to buy for me LOL. Since I'm a chocoholic...I thought it was a great gift. I used to cover those boxes with FABRic. I just went and looked in my closet to see if I still have any, and yes, One that I covered in fabric that I had made for my mother. She kept it all those years, and I have one that I never did anything to, it probably was one of the last gifts my father gave to me...I never thought about covering it with paper instead of Fabric...I just might try that. Kathi, thank you for the inspiration.

Anne-Marie B. said...

The finished box is beautiful! How elegant this would look on a dresser or on display on a shelf. After reading other peoples comments it sounds like you are inspiring all of us to start covering boxes! Lol. Can't wait until I start mine!