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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This is the day of the week where we all go snooping around peeking at each other's desks. If you want to join us, hop on over to Julia's blog, to see what it's all about.

I've been MIA for a few months while I had my shop open for the summer, but I hope I will be able to get back in the swing of things now that summer is over.

This photo was taken on Tuesday evening, since I have to pick everything up each time I finish. I was finishing up two different projects at once, so I have a strange mixture on my workdesk.

First I finished up a card that I posted Tuesday night by adding rhinestones to it. The card is on my desk, and the two blue baskets are where I keep my Rhinestones and pearls during the winter. In the summer they are sorted by color on a turn-around display thing. It's much handier that way, but it takes up too much room to bring it home for the winter.

I was also finishing up some flowers I made from McGill punches and Spellbinders Bitty Blossoms. Those are sitting on top of a container of embossing powder while they dry. All my embossing powder is in flat plastic boxes. It's easy to use this way, because you just put your card into the box and shake, but it takes up a lot of room if you have a lot of colors.

The black rectangular thing on my cutting mat is my flower embossing mat. The cup contains my embossing styluses, pens, and other things. You can also see part of my Fiskars trimmer, ATG, heat gun, scissors, dimensional tape, Really Useful Boxes, a craft knife, and my antique box, which contains the small things I use at every session.

Underneath the cutting mat is my non stick craft mat. It's on a sample wallboard paneling thingy. I find it really easy to keep it on the wallboard thing under the cutting mat. That way I don't have to put it away every time, and when I want to switch back and forth between cutting and doing messy things, I just keep my cutting mat on one side of it, and I can use both at once. Before I started doing this, I forgot about putting my project back onto the cutting mat, and I cut through the craft mat. :-( I also used to forget, and use my heat gun on the cutting mat, which warps it. Now I usually remember to put my project on the craft mat first, before embossing.

Please ignore the mess on the side of the desk. Those are boxes of supplies and things, and they aren't very neat after digging through them trying to find things!


Olga said...

Goodies, love the flowers!

Nan G said...

Gorgeous flowers! They look so real! Love your nice tidy desk today. Thanks for the earlier visit! WOYWW hugs! Nan G #22

Lorraine said...

love the flowers

Regina Hamilton said...

Welcome back. Your flowers are stunning, girl. What a neat and clean desk. I'm not playing this week. Just wanted to say "hi".

Anonymous said...

I do like to see Christmas cards being made! And your flowers are stunning too. Sounds like you live very seasonally on that little island of yours. Maine is such a beautiful state, but one I've not visited yet. Is it snowing there already?

Brenda 63

Carole said...

Pretty flowers neat have a system working for you with the cutting mat. Carole # 67

Heather Alger said...

Thanks for visiting already, love the different projects you have and the card is looking Great. Have a Beautiful week Heather #82

Eliza said...

I to have my embossing powder in containers that are flat, I have done for about 10 years, it is so much easier and you just tap it off and put the lid on. Beautiful Christmas card and thanks for visiting.

Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
Eliza & Yoda 1

tuesday afternoon said...

Your flowers are so delicate, very pretty. Thanks for stopping by and Happy WOYWW

Julia Dunnit said...

You're very organised. I've been through the same trauma with cutting and craft mats. Now I have a glass mat and it does both jobs of my top tools! LOVe the card that your just finishing, so pretty.

Glenda Brooks said...

So sorry to be so late to the party! Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Have a good rest of the week!

Shaz Brooks said...

Love the Christmas card- very effective.Beautiful layers. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #36xx