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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things I made with air dry clay

This morning I showed some silicone molds I got, and a Martha Stewart Crafters Clay kit in this post.

These are the things I made. I definitely will be wanting more molds, and more white clay. It was fun and easy to work with, and I will be able to use the molds with my Fimo as well.

I didn't really like working with the colors. It takes a lot of practice to use two colors in a mold, and not have one color squish into the other, but I think I will practice more with using two colors in the cameo. I also don't like the pink and colored things I made as well as the white ones. I tried mica flakes, glitter and PearlEx in them, and I liked the Pearlex, but even though I used very small mica flakes, they were sort of big on the finished castings. The glitter wasn't bad.

Using colors would be okay if you don't care about seeing detail in your things, but I'd rather paint and shade mine after they are dry, so I can show how much detail they have.

I wish the detail showed up in this photo, but it is dark here before 4:00 now, so I had to use a flash and it washed everything out.

I do like the amount of detail in everything I made from all of the molds. I used parts of all of them, and they all worked well. I had to wait until they dried a bit to remove a few things from the molds, but the only one that I had to be really careful with was the kelp from the wilton mold. That one had a lot of really tiny branches on it, but I managed to get it out without too much trouble.

Using these molds and the clay was really fun, and I can't wait to see what they look like when I paint or shade them!


Antoinette Voorn said...

Ahhhh they are super, aren't they!!!

I have silicon molds too, snowflakes and a mold with many christmas items and three of the MOD PODGE olds, the red ones... really have great fun to work with it!

Greetz Antoinette

JD/ Jill said...

Very nice projects! I bought some molds but I have to confess that I never used them. You have me wanting to go take a second look at them...