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Monday, November 4, 2013

Internet problems again

Sorry I can't get around to visit. Saturday afternoon we started having internet problems again. We have been having them off and on for a few weeks, but now it's more off than on. It took over an hour to load this page to post on, and it doesn't even have many graphics on it. I absolutely hate Fairpoint. I pay for DSL every month, and can't even load a blog page, never mind watch you tube. Most people who are in areas which have cable have switched to Time Warner, but we don't have cable on our road.

Anyway, while I'm mostly without internet, I've been making flowers. I had a bunch of McGill punches, and have been playing with those. I also finally got Spellbinders Bitty Blossoms, but haven't been happy with the results. I can't wait until internet is back so I will finally be able to see tome tutorials to see what I am doing wrong. So many people have made some beautiful flowers with the Bitty Blossoms. Hopefully there are some on the internet that don't use you tube.

Luckily, I had downloaded all the McGill .pdfs a few months ago, so I can play with those. So far, I've done a pink and white lily, a purple clamatis, and a calla lily. They're in the largest size, but I think I'm going to try some in smaller sizes so they fit on cards better. I also have four of the Sizzix flower dies, and had downloaded the .pdfs for those a while back, so I can't wait to try them!

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