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Monday, June 4, 2012

Since I don't have a card, here's a doll house

Since I haven't got a card to post, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing one of my dollhouses.

I built this one for my granddaughter 7 years ago. It is the San Franciscan by a company called Duracraft, which went out of business around the time that I bought it. It has six rooms, and is suppose to resemble the painted ladies of San Fransisco.

I have built a ton of houses and room boxes, but unfortunately they are very large, and I was running out of room to keep them in. Right now they are all in my shop. Anyway, between the expense and the amount of room they take up, I haven't worked on any miniatures for a couple of years.

I make all the furniture and accessories in them. A lot of them have scrapbook paper for wallpaper, and scrapbook borders for wallpaper borders. All of the floors are wood veneer I stripped myself.

I hope you enjoy seeing this.


Marisa Job said...

Wow Kathy! This is a beautiful doll house!! What a talent to be able to build a doll house, I am so impressed!! Your grandfather is very lucky!

JD said...

This is so neat...I love pink, (My favorite color) I love victorian, and I so enjoyed seeing the "Painted ladies" when I was in San Francisco. So I really like your house! thank you so much for sharing.