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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Instructions for Ship and Fish Fancy Fold Card

I had a request for the instructions for the Ship and Fish Fancy Fold Card I posted a few days ago. I didn't follow any set of instructions, I just played around with paper and folds, and this is what I came up with.

I took a sheet of 12x12 CS and cut it in half horizontally. Then, I scored each sheet vertically at 6". I scored one sheet corner to corner from the upper left corner to the lower center score, and folded the resulting triangle up. This is the left side. I scored the other sheet from the upper left score line to the lower right corner and folded it down. This is the right side.

I lined up the two unfolded sections and used my ATG to glue the unscored left side on top of the unscored right side. This resulted in a card which is 18"x6" when unfolded.

Here is where I wasted a lot of paper. I used paper which had a definite horizontal and a definite vertical pattern. I cut a few pieces in the wrong direction, and each time I did, I wasted 5 3/4" square pieces of paper, so if your pattern is like this, be really careful when cutting it.

Each piece of DP was cut to a 5 3/4" square, then cut diagonally in half, following the direction of the section I was going to paste it in, except for the center unscored section, which is not cut diagonally. Then the triangles are placed in each scored section. They only go one way, so if you mess up like I did, you have to start with a whole new square.

When you have your DP mounted, then just stamp and cut a medallion for the front of the card and attach it to the top half of the front only.

I hope this was sort of understandable! I will try to do a diagram soon.

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