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Friday, June 1, 2012

PSX Portland Head Light Stamped and Painted

I started making another card this morning, but it was so nice out I decided to do something I could make outdoors instead. I painted the bottom of this wooden box with Barn red, and the top with sky blue. Then I stamped one of my old PSX stamps on it, and painted the stamp with acrylic paint with a medium added so it would be more of a wash than an opaque painted effect.

I used Stazon to stamp it because I knew the paint and varnish wouldn't affect the Stazon. The box wasn't rough, and I sanded it, but the label in the bottom corner didn't quite cover. I decided to leave it as it is because I was afraid I would mess it up if I tried to fix it.

Everything in the gift shop my mother and I run is made by us, so sometimes I have to do something besides a card, and I thought this came out rather nice. I just have to varnish it and clean up the latch a bit and it will be done.


Myrna said...

Love your little project. The scene is wonderful.

JD said...

The is so nicely creative!

hania739 said...

Piękny jest ten widoczek na pudełeczku :))