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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Went to AC Moore and JoAnn's Today

I was desperately in need of new gold pens and refills for my ATG. I did get two PenTouch pens, one fine, and one extra fine, but no refills for the ATG. Both stores have been out of the refills since October, and apparently even when they order them the parent company refuses to send them. Bangor, Maine is in the wrong district for the good stuff at both stores.

They did have really good paper sales at both stores. The 12x12 plain paper was on sale at AC Moore, so I got a few Core'dinations textured ones. Most of the colors were gone, but they had quite a few shades of blue left, and I can always use blue. I also got the DCWV Four Seasons Solid Stack. (I had to really hurry so my DH wouldn't get bored and decide not to take me to JoAnn's after AC Moore, plus money is tight, so I shopped quickly). I also got some ultra smooth white that is supposed to be for alcohol markers.

I also got another package of Sponge Daubers and some pearls. I messed up with the Xyron though, I meant to get permanent, and got repositional. That was an expensive mistake, and the store is too far away to trade it. :-( I also had a 50% off coupon for today only, and now that I'm home and looked at my receipt, that was never entered. The reason I bought the adhesive refill was because I had the coupon, so it was even a bigger mistake than I first thought. Sort of like the time they charged me for two Wonderful Wings Spellbinders and I only had one. They were supposed to credit me, but never did. No Spellbinders there today, it's such a disappointment.

I did a little better at JoAnn's.

I actually found the Art Bin Double Deep case that is the right size to hold Copics in those squared off light fixture things you can get at Home Depot. (They are plastic with open squares that are the right size for Copic Markers. You cut them to the size of your container and stand a Copic in each one). Well, I don't have that many Copics yet, so I put the dividers in the box, (One divider was missing, so I've got to email Art Bin and see if they will send me the missing one). Anyway, with the dividers in, each section is exactly the right size for the 36 marker plastic boxes. Since I have two boxes and 37 Copics, I just put the boxes in two of the sections, and am going to put other stuff in the rest of the box until I have enough Copics to buy the grid thing. I think it will work well, because the Copics stay nicely in order this way, and I can transport them easily! The box was on sale for half price.

I also got a Cardmaking and Paper Crafts Magazine with the prettiest little stack of 5x5 paper called Floral Fantasy in it. The paper is really beautiful!

Then I got two packs of Core'dinations Pearl paper, one white and one pale gold, and the 12x12 DCWV Chataeau Lavender plain stack was half price, so I got that as well.

I wanted some more colors of Brilliance ink, but they only have a couple of the dew drops sets, and I had both sets, so I got a gold Delicata stamp pad instead. I wanted to try a different shade of gold, since all of my old ones are kind of brown, and my Galaxy Gold is quite yellow. This one looks like it is a color in between the two. I use a lot of gold, so it will be fun trying this one.

They also actually had a Cuttlebug Embossing folder they never had before, and it's one I wanted. It's the Geometric Rings one, and it's 5x7 and it's got a matching border folder with it. I'm really glad to see these folders coming in larger sizes, since the old ones are all smaller than my cards.

JoAnn's also actually had a few older Spellbinders as well. I had most of them, but they did have the Classic Petal Edgeability, and it was on sale for 11.99, so I got that. I so wish we could get some of those gorgeous new ones around here, but once I can get my shop open this summer, maybe I will be able to send for some!

Anyway, I got some new stuff, and it will be really fun playing with it!!!

Oh yeah, I got the bright idea of going into a smoke shop to see if they had any cigar boxes, and they did!!! They only had one, but it is varnished, quite heavy, and has nice brass hinges and a latch. It's quite large and deep, and beautifully made, and it was free!!! It's much nicer than the kind of unfinished boxes they sell in the craft stores! The finish on it is so nice I will have to figure out a way to alter it without covering up the whole thing. Maybe I'll just cut some gold filigrees and things with my Spellbinders and make it look like a varnished box with brass accents.


Marie-Louise said...

Sounds like you had quite a shopping spree Kathi. Have fun with your new stash.

Myrna said...

Sounds like you had a fun day.
Had to smile because I made the same mistake for the Xyron. It was the only box there so I guess it was a natural mistake.
Your paper looks gorgeous.
Have fun !!!

Alison Scott said...

A wonderful day shopping. Shame about the forgotten discount.
Have a wonderful time playing.

JD said...

Always nice to get new stuff! I haven't done that for a while...I'm waiting and trying to save up some money for a stamp show I hope to go to in April.
I can relate to some of your shopping experiences. Like they hubby sitting in the car waiting while you it means I have to do it quickly (or less looking around the store than I would have liked) because if I took too long he may not be willing to stop again. I have also had bad experience with some of the coupons...I try to double check now that they actually have rung them up.
I remember the one day that I took a spellbinder cardboard front to the register and the girl rung up the cardboard and put it in my bag...I had to stop her and tell her that it was for the die that they have locked up...I still can't believe she would think I would spend that much for a piece of cardboard. Obviously, she was new and no one told her about the procedure for purchasing the dies.

Sasha said...

Enjoy your new craft goodies, Kathi. You are so lucky to have such wonderful stores in the US. I tend to do most of my craft shopping online. Have fun playing!

Thank you for your kind words on our loss of Cookie. We miss her so much. Hugs xx