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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Noor! and Spellbinders Lacy Card

I decided to try making a card from this Noor! die without mounting it. Both the back and the front were cut together, leaving a bit at the top to use for the fold.

The center was made with Spellbinders Renaissance Hearts Pendant. All layers were mounted dimensionally, and the shading was done with Brilliance Sky Blue, and Brilliance Platinum.

The dies were outlined with a metallic gold pen, which is very pretty in person, but the metallic of the pen, and the pearl sheen on the inks don't show up in the photo.

The pearls are Liquid Pearls.

Wow, I am so excited!!! Cardinals are very rare where I live, but I've had a pair of them for about a year. This morning I looked out the window and I had two pairs I couldn't believe it. Just now, I looked out, and there were THREE males chasing each other around. Most people here on the island have never even seen one cardinal in their feeders! I expect some are babies of the pair I've had, and that is why there are so many in my feeders, I love seeing them. I'm so glad I bought Wild Delight bird seed, because they sure do love it!


Sasha said...

WOW! This is gorgeous, Kathi. One of my all time favourites of your cards. I love the dies, colours and dimension...stunning! x

JD said...

Beautiful, and so creative the way you did it. I really like shaped card...and this one is even more interesting.
Glad you got to see the cardinals, We see a lot of them in our area, and I could never get tired of seeing them.

Elly said...

A great Noor card Kathi :-)