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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seagull Popup Card

I made this card quite a few years ago. I got the image from one of those free sites, but I have no idea where I got it from now.

I have a beautiful book on making pop ups. I wanted to do this seagull from the book inside a card, but since I had done mostly book making before I made this card, at the time I didn't have very much for card making. Anyhow, the front of the card didn't match the inside very well. I am mostly showing it here because I just found the photos of it and I have never shown any of my pop ups before. Now that I've done more card making, I can see lots of ways I could have done it better.


Sasha said...

Love the front of your card...and the inside is brilliant! Kathi x

Myrna said...

Such an interesting card. The front is stunning.

Olga said...

OMS! This is gorgeous!!!!

JD said...

Beautiful card! I have some pop up books and I must confess, that I haven't tried to make too many...You are inspiring me to try again.