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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Playing with flower parts and Rose Creations

Our internet is back today, I sure hope it lasts!

Yesterday I was still taking a little break from Christmas cards, so I played with my Spellbinders Rose Creations die. The flowers on top were more that I made from Prima Flower Parts a while back, and the bottom row are the ones I made yesterday with the Rose Creations die.

For all the roses, I used one each of the three smallest dies, and two of the fourth smallest. The one on the left was done with pink paper and VersaMagic Plumaria put on the very edges of the petals. The three on the right were cut out with yellow paper, and metallic gold, Distress Crushed Velvet, and a Brilliance pink added to the petals.

They were all made by rubbing my largest embossing stylus in a circular motion from the edges to the very center of all the petals. For the three largest sets of petals, I pushed down in the centers of the front sides around the hole. For the next to smallest, I just left it, and for the smallest, I glued the petals up into a tight bud, and set it aside.

Then, I placed the next to smallest over the point of my stylus, and began layering the larger sets of petals onto that, gluing only the bottoms, and alternating the petals so they wouldn't all be lined up. Then, I shaped them while still on the stylus, until they resembled real rose petals.

After taking them off the stylus, I put the little buds into the centers of the roses and shaped them some more if they needed it.

I was quite happy with them, and would like to make some more, in more sizes and colors, but I need to do more Christmas cards first!


Olga said...

your flowers are all gorgeous! I have been making flowers today too!

JD said...

Your flowers turned out very pretty! I have a couple of dies for making flowers, but haven't used them much...need more practice, because mine did NOT turn out as nice as yours have.