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Friday, September 28, 2012

I've been having some busy days

I've only had time to quickly post cards, but not to visit. I'll try to catch up with all of you this weekend.

Thanks to those of you who have been visiting me anyway, especially Jill and Olga. I really appreciate it! :-) Yes Jill, the tree is a Marianne Creatables. There are three of them all the same size, plus she has a few others. This is the only one I have, but I want them all! :-D

Olga, I quickly saw the picture of your marvelous squares in my following thingie. I want those so bad! I can' wait to get over and see your creation.

Got to get to work, I'll try to get caught up with all of you soon.


Olga said...

I can so relate to busy days!!! but I'm just thankful I have things to do LOL...........thanks for the kind words too!!!!

JD said...

Kathi, I think just about everyone can relate to "busy" days. Thank you for answering my question. Take care...and Have a great weekend! Blessings, Jill