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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Butterfly and Daisies Card and Paper Holder Problems

Today I had to do a fast card. I'm giving a review of my paper holder thing which was the reason why I had didn't have time to do a complicated card. Maybe some people had luck with these things, but I had nothing but problems. If you have one and had the same problem as I and countless other people had, I hope my solution helps.

When we were in NY last Christmas, I got one of those wire cube paper holders at Hobby Lobby. You put it together using plastic things, but the plastic things kept breaking even though I didn't have it over loaded, and I did put it together correctly. I kept putting it back together, but it kept getting shorter and shorter because there weren't enough plastic things to make it full sized.

This morning my paper was again on the floor, with the cubes collapsed. (I had used some of the cracked ones, trying to use only the parts which weren't yet cracked). There weren't enough left this time to put it back together. Then I got the idea to use cable ties to hold the thing together and to hold the shelves in. (Every time it would come apart, some of the little plastic "S" shaped shelf holders would also break). Luckily, they actually had cable ties at a store here on the island, so I got a package. I wired it up with tons of them to hold it together, and it worked, and it feels much sturdier than it did.

Rather than making the tower three cubes high, I decided to make two cubes because I was afraid it would come apart again. One is two cubes high, and the other is only one cube high. I now have my paper nicely sorted again, even though it isn't as nice as it was. I can't remember the brand name of the cube thing, but when I first got it home I saw a bunch of bad reviews for it, so I'm not the only one who had problems. Anyway, if anyone else gets one, it has a black cover to go over the stack. The picture on the box shows the cover as having a zipper so you can protect your paper, but also have easy access to it. Mine didn't have a zipper, so you would have to lift the whole cover off every time you use it. I didn't dare use the cover because the rack was so flimsy, and I was afraid it would break just by lifting it off each time. The thing actually broke within an hour of using it for the first time.

Anyway, I hope the cable tie suggestion helps someone else who doesn't have enough parts to put theirs together again.

The card I made today uses K&Co. paper, and a MS Punch Around the Page. The butterfly is the MS Monarch Butterfly Punch, and the butterfly's body is Liquid Pearls. The saying is a very old Anna Griffin Resin saying I had in my stash. It's not my favorite card, but I don't hate it either.


Winnie said...

Sooo pretty..I love the paper and the butterflies and the sentiment..I love her poems!

Plastic Card said...

Fabulous....Poems are heart touching....

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Olga said...

absolutley gorgeous!

Marisa Job said...

Just beautiful! Great card Kathy!!

Plastic Card said...

Fabulous work kathy...Bright colors and Attracting design makes your holder pretty......Thumbs up....

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