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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chiyogami Paper and Flowers Card

I've had this really pretty embossed Chiyogami paper for a long time, but it was so pretty I was hoarding it. Today I decided to use it on a card. I made a white 6x6 card, then layered purple, gold mirror, and pink CS, with the Chiyogami paper on that. I wanted the paper to be the focal point, so I only added a few flowers. The flower in the center is one of the ones I made from those Prima parts. The roses are some my craft store packages, and the tiny roses on either side of the corner roses are some silk ones I had in my stash. Then I just put Three Queen and Co rhinestones in the opposite corners.

This photo is the inside of the card. I layered it in the same way as the front of the card and added strips of the Chiyogami paper on either side of the writing space.

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Olga said...

another beauty!