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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Playing with flowers and Spellbinders

For the last few days I have been busy moving all of my paper crafting things to my summer shop, so I haven't been making any cards. I have been playing around with making flowers. Mostly I've been taking the Prima ones that are just flower parts in the inexpensive cans, and wiping my Dazzles ink pads on them to add extra color and dimension. Then I layer them to make interesting flowers for later use. I need to photograph some of the more interesting ones to show what neat flowers you can make with them.

I don't particularly like the flowers cut from some of the louder patterned paper they used, but by adding ink and glimmer mist, I can tone them down and make them look more natural.

I've also been using all of my Spellbinders, cutting them out on cheap white Walmart CS so I can have templates of each to play around with. Using the cheap CS to make templates makes it easy to try different die cuts to see what works and what doesn't for interesting layered effects. It also makes it so I can try the size and shape on a particular card to see if it looks the way I envision it before I try it with good card stock.

Hopefully I now have enough of my supplies in one place so I will be able to create something tomorrow. I have some paper thin veneer, and I'm going to try stamping an ODBD lighthouse on that and mounting it on a wooden box. The lighthouse is quite rustic looking, and hopefully will look really nice stamped on wood.

I also have some oil color pencils I bought years ago and never used. They are made to work on wood, so it should be fun to try other designs on the veneer and color them with the pencils. I want to see if the veneer will cut well with Spellbinders Dies as well. I hope I will have some good ideas to show you on here tomorrow, but if I just make a mess while experimenting, at least you will know not to try what I did!

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