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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What to do when you can't get Inspired

I just answered a post on a blog that I follow. The blogger asked for ways to get inspired when there you are in a creative slump. Since her blog isn't in English, I thought it might make a good post to my blog for English speakers.

One way to get inspired is to do a challenge. Then you will have guidelines to follow.

The thing I do the most is to sit down and make lots of pretty parts for cards. Make a bunch of pretty flowers and sort them out and store them. Cut a bunch of die cuts from pretty paper and sort and store those. Die cut some shaped cards without decorating them. Stamp some things and if you like, color them, leaving enough border to die cut them either at the same time or later on when you do have a project in mind. Frequently I get inspiration from a part I have just made.

Anything you don't use will be available for another project. The next time you are uninspired, go through your ready made parts, and you will often think of something beautiful to make with them!

1 comment:

JD said...

Good ideas here...I'm often in a slump, and just don't bother to try and I don't feel inspired. But you are right it's a good time to make embellishments, etc. and it just make for inspiration for a card. (Plus to be honest, I'm lazy, and some times it just seems like too much work at the time. But I think it I would have some things already made, I might be more inclined to try making a card. Hope you have a good day, Jill <--who is a very slow card maker. smile