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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hybrid Warbler? ... Nope, it's an Oriole!

Update, Snoopy thinks the bird is an immature Baltimore Oriole. We've never had them on our island before, but the photos on the internet do resemble him. As I look at more Orioles, it may even be a female. That would explain why she was so interested in the Japanese Quince. Humming birds love that bush too. It's funny, because my mother always had Baltimore Orioles in her yard in Mass, and I asked her if it was an oriole, and she said no. I think she was wrong. She must have only recognized male adults when she saw them!

Giff Beaton also confirmed that this is an oriole! It's so nice to have so many helpful people on the internet!

Cornell Lab of Ornithology also confirmed that this is a female Oriole.

Unfortunately she must have been just passing by, she hasn't been back for two days. I'm glad we got a chance to see her, and that she had such a nice rest and meal on her way to where ever she was going!

Today at my mother's there was a bird none of us had ever seen. In person, my mother, my friend and I described him as pumpkin colored, much more orange than he appears in these bad photos. He is about the size of a robin, and was eating something out of her Japanese Quince blossoms. He is also very fat!

Al of us thought that he looked like a warbler, but couldn't find him in any of our field guides, and so far, my friend and I can't find him on the internet. If anyone is a bird lover and can identify him, please let me know. :-) We are located on the coast of Maine on an island in Penobscot Bay.

If anyone is really interested in identifying him, I have photos of him taken at every angle, back, front, top, bottom. Unfortunately, my mother's house has old wavy windows, and these were taken through two layers of wavy windows covered with salt spray and raindrops, so they aren't wonderful.


Snoopy said...

Kathi, I think you're looking at an Oriole fledgling. Check out this site and this pic:

Snoopy :D

kathi17 said...

Thanks, I'm looking Baltimore Orioles up now. It's funny, because we always had those in a tree right next to the house where I grew up in Mass, and my mother said it's not an oriole, but she may be wrong. We've never had orioles on our island before.