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Sunday, May 13, 2012

How I made my Inside Pop Out Card

Note: when I first made this card, I didn't know where it originally came from. I saw the fold on a lot of card sites, but none gave directions or a link to the original. Today, Feb 8, 2013, I found the original card, as well as a diagram for it, so I want to give credit to the lady who, I think, did the original card. Her card and diagram are here: Bente Ă…rstad. I am so glad she shared her beautiful card and diagram with all of us!

I've had a lot of questions about how I made my inside pop out card. What I did, was start with a 5x10 inch piece of paper, and measure 1 inch in on all four sides. I then scored all the way down vertically at 5". Then I scored down vertically at the 1" marks on either side, and 1/2 " in toward the centers from the 1" mark scores. For those two scores, I only went from the top to the bottom 1" horizontal marks. This forms the pop out part. (I hope that was sort of clear).

Then I cut the two horizontal lines at the top and bottom over to meet the 1" marks on either side. That way the middle would pop up and leave the top and bottom flat.

For the middle "v" part, I probably should have scored at least two inches or two and a half inches out from the center score, but on the first one I made it 1 1/4", and the second was 1 1/2". The cards I saw had much wider "v's".

Today, Marianne Skjelstad made one on her blog. You can see that her "v" pop out is much longer than mine. She also made her jacket larger than the inside card. I made mine the same size.

For my outer jacket, I cut a piece of CS the same size for the first card, but there was too much bulk on the inside, so the next one I cut to 5 x 10 1/4 and scored at 5" and 5 1/4". It was better, but I think it would have been better cut to 10 1/2". It wasn't quite enough for the inside bulk.

Sorry this wasn't very plain, I just got home, and wanted to make a post about the goodies I got for Mother's Day when I saw all the questions. I'll try to make up a diagram and add it to this post tomorrow or the next day.

Okay, I can edit photos with Photoshop, but I had a lot of problems making a line drawing. Anyway, this is a diagram of how I made the inside of the card. I hope it helps.

Ooops, I wrote inside of the box instead of inside of the card on the diagram. I was having an awful time making this because the lines in Photoshop are really paths, and it kept disappearing on me over and over again. I made it a bunch of times before I finally figured out how to get the lines to stay, so by the time I wrote the instructions out for the hundredth time or so, I was getting burned out!!!


Cheryl S. said...

Hi Kathi,

I did check back at your blog today to further pursue and found your directions for the popout card. Will check back to see the diagram in a day or so. What a fun Mother's Day you and your mother had. I have not been to Michael's or A C Mooer in Bangor but do shop at both in Augusta and sometimes So. Portland.
My email is
All the best, Cheryl

Sherry Kushibab said...

Brilliant idea - can't wait to try this sometime soon. Lovely, Lovely card. Have enjoyed hopping around your blog and checking things out.