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Monday, January 14, 2013

Sending for Packages and Delivery Methods

Now I'm venting.

An update: I just checked again. As of now, two of my orders are being returned for incorrect address.
Another update. I made a bunch of irate calls and found out where two of the packages are. They are going to try to send them back to me. They hadn't left that particular PO yet. They are suggesting trying some kind of a code like POB instead of PO Box. Now there are only four more packages to worry about.

I still have about had it with the Post Office.

When I won the Amazon gift certificates a couple of weeks ago, I was really excited. Now, I'm wondering if I'm going to get anything except the Copic Maker refill.

I think I'm mostly writing this in the hopes that companies realize that there are huge problems with the post office in some rural areas. We NEED to have a choice of delivery methods if we can't use our PO Box address.

Here, because of the financial difficulties the PO is in, our mail isn't sorted on the island any more. We are lucky to have a PO at all. It is sorted somewhere else, in a place where they have no idea who we are, so if you don't let us put a correct address on our packages, they send them back. If you require a street address, then send it UPS. (Don't send it Fedex either, because that also goes to the PO, and gets sent back as no such address).

My purchases were sent in seven separate packages. They all said they couldn't ship to my correct address, they had to have a street address. Up until recently, a street address meant it was either coming UPS or FEDEX to your door. FEDEX never had good delivery here, because they only came when they had a lot of packages, so you always had to wait, sometimes for as long as two weeks. (I don't blame the drivers, they got paid nothing for coming all the way out here). Now they just bring it to the PO that sorts our packages, and then it disappears into a black hole.

My Copic refill came UPS. It got here in only two days, and came ground from a long ways away.

Another package which came FEDEX disappeared on Friday. It said it was scanned here, at the post office, and was out for delivery, but it never arrived at the Post Office here.

Two more packages shipped through the mail said the same thing on Saturday. They never arrived at our PO either.

All three of those packages still say they are delivered.

Two packages said they entered the system, but who knows where they are, because their status hasn't been updated in a week.

One package I can't get any info on at all. No tracking number or info, it just has said shipped for a week now.

I can't order from because my last package floated around in eternity for over three weeks after they sent it out, and it almost got sent back. The reason it floated around for so long was because it had an incorrect address because no combination I tried when I placed the order would let me specify a correct address and delivery method.

Two packages we sent for before Christmas as Christmas gifts from other companies were sent back and we are still trying to get our money.

If you have a company, and you require a street address, please let us know on your shipping information page if you only ship through the postal service. It will save those of us in rural areas a lot of headaches.


Sasha said...

Oh! What a mess, Kathi. I'm sorry that your mail isn't getting to you. I do hope that your craft wins turn up eventually. Why can't things go back to how they were in the good old days? xx

JD said...

So sorry that this is happening to you...I sure hope your things eventually do make it to your house.