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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pearl Ex and Twinkling H2Os Painted Card

Today I made paint out of my Pearl Ex and gum arabic. The Liquid gum arabic is really expensive, so I was too cheap to buy it. I finally got the powdered stuff from Jacquard last week when I sent for all that stuff.

On Sunday, when we went off the island, I got a bunch of little clear jars made by Leow Cornell, and during the week I kept mixing a few colors a day until I filled all the jars. I have 38 colors of Pearl Ex, so it took a while. (Now I want all the colors)! I also want more of the little jars, because I want to make some more Duo colors with what I have. It's really fun!

I made small amounts of each color in each jar. They are watercolors, so you let them dry and use them just as you do with twinkling H2Os. If you want to try it, it's one part gum arabic powder to 4 parts Pearl Ex, and just add enough water, (I used a medicine dropper), to mix to a creamy consistency.

I used a Duo Red Blue for the roses, and took a bunch of photographs trying to show how the color changes with the light. The roses are shaded with Twinkling Black Cherry.

The colors I used are a combination of my Pearl Ex paint and Twinkling H2Os. I used Pearl Ex Spring Green for the leaves and shaded them with Twinkling Sweet Alfalfa. There is a dew drop on the leaf, which I used Twinkling Pearl Green on, but on the dark color, it turned very green when dry. I forgot to do it before I took the photographs, but I'm going to put Glossy Accents on it.

The baby's breath is Pearl Ex Micro Pearl.

I stamped an old Stampendous Rose onto wine colored paper with VersaMark, and embossed it with gold before painting.

Please excuse so many bad bad photos. Some were taken in the sunlight, and some were taken after dark. Some with, and some without flash. I was trying to capture how the color changes with the light. The background looks different colors as well, but that doesn't change. It's real color is a deep wine. The roses change from blue to violet to pink, and the leaves from a bluer green to a yellower one.

All the painting is very shimmery.


Sherry said...

Wow, I am glad you didn't listen to whoever told you not to put your blog link on your post to splitcoast. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. You did an awesome job on your card. It is beautiful!!!!

Marisa Job said...

Beautiful card!! Love the coloring!!

Marie-Louise said...

These are absolutely gorgeous.

Olga said...

these are absolutley beautiful!!