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Friday, January 4, 2013

Cameo Filigree Card

I got the Spellbinders Damask Motifs die set when I was in New York last week because I thought one of the motifs would make a good filigree background. This is the way I used it.

First, I cut and embossed all the motifs except one four times, then I began playing with them. I decided to use one set of four to make the background, and one of the others to mount dimensionally in the center.

I wanted to use a cameo in the center, and all the ones I had were either pink or blue, so I used this purple linen textured CS matted with gold mirror card and pink CS. (The gold looks black in the photo, probably because it is so dark in here).

Last, I added pink Liquid Pearls to accent the filigree.

Wow, I just checked my email, and found out I won $100 in Amazon gift codes. I do surveys for OnStar, and that is how I won. Considering that I couldn't get the truck out of the driveway because of all the snow and had to walk four miles out and four miles in to get the paycheck today, and was in a very bad mood because of that, I feel very happy now.

Yippee, I'm going shopping!


JD said...

This is really neat...and very creative. I forget that I could do this with some of my dies...I made a card maybe 3 or so years ago using this kind of technique, (but the old fashioned know the dies you had to emboss yourself). I'm spoiled now rather emboss with my Big Kick...
I remember having to walk to work in the snow because I couldn't dig my car out...but fortunately it wasn't four miles from my house. Long walk...especially in the snow.
Spring is another couple of months.

Sasha said...

This looks gorgeous, Kathi. I love the design you came up with using your Damask Motif dies x

Marisa Job said...

This card is gorgeous!! Very creative!!