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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My first project using the WRMK Cinch V2

I was very lucky, I got the Cinch V2, (the blue one), for Christmas, before I knew my husband would be laid off. If I had waited, I wouldn't have been able to get it!

I wanted to try something small and simple for my first project, so I chose this one page pocket book, which I made from a tutorial on Angel Stamper's blog. I changed mine a bit by cutting all the way down on the six inch center line so each set of pages were unattached. It made it so I had to make covers from more paper, but it also made it so I didn't have to glue the pockets. The fold is on the outside of each set of pages, and the open inside is against the binding. The card stock I used is Anna Griffin.

I haven't decorated it yet, because I was really excited to get it up on my blog, and tell my experiences using the Cinch.

First, as advised, I punched some scrap paper to make sure there was no oil left from the manufacturing process. Nope, no oil, everything looked perfect. I read the instructions, which were very short and simple, and punched the covers and pages. It was simple, and they were perfectly centered. Then I cut the binding wire to size, put it into the peg things and threaded the book. That was easy too. I did it the way they advised to hide the ends of the wire inside the book. Then I adjusted for the size I used, which was 5/8", and cinched it. It came out perfectly round, and I couldn't have been happier. I made the covers a little wider than the pages, but I decided to make them the same height since this was my first time, and it looks fine. including picking out the paper and cutting and scoring it, reading the instructions, and binding the book, it all took less than an hour. Now I'm ready to make more books, and decorate this one!

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