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Monday, November 26, 2012

Peacock Tiles

I haven't gotten a card done for a few days because I've been working on making some digital files to put on Etsy. My latest tiles are these peacock ones I made from some of my peacock photos I took last year.

I also did a show over the weekend, but unfortunately, the economy is still bad, and nobody did much. It was fun seeing everyone again though. I used to sell between $500 and $700, last year, I sold a little over $300, and this year it was $126, and the cost of the table had to come out of that. I probably should feel good about it, a lot of the venders didn't get the money for their tables back this year.

There were a lot more people with tables than we've ever had, and a lot of people came, but this year they weren't walking around with shopping bags full of things like they used to.

I had other things besides cards, but almost everything I sold this year were my cards. It was the same way in the gift shop all summer, and in most of the other gift shops in town. People were only buying things they knew they would need, not gifts and Christmas decorations or other things that people cut back on. I hope the economy improves next year.


Myrna said...

So sorry about your craft sale. It is disheartening when we work so hard for so little.
Your peacock tiles are lovely.

Sasha said...

Hi Kathi,
Sorry you didn't do too well honey. It's the same here in the UK times are hard. My son gave me an invite to a craft fair at his sports club, but I decided against it, as I have a feeling that my cards wouldn't sell very well.
Your peacock tiles look gorgeous! :) x

Olga said...

sorry bout your sale, it's not just you, things are slow every where, I sold 1 card this morning, I've got so I just make em as they order them LOL.

JD said...

As Ogla said in a comment above me...It's not just you. I have a friend who just did a craft show in our area, and she told me that everyone in the craft show did not do as well as they usually did. The economy is hurting everyone.

Greta said...

This is so beautiful! I hope the economy picks up, too.