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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flower Soft Card and a present from ODBD

A few months ago, I bought my first Flower Soft kit, Flower Soft - Bouquet Colour Selection Box from Our Daily Bread Designs. Then I bought a few more colors from them with other orders. I had always been curious about the card making kits, but wasn't sure wihich ones I wanted, so late one night I ordered the Floral Card Making Starter Kit. This kit contained wires, Flower Soft, and samples of different card toppers, vases, glue, and other goodies. The next morning, there was this post on the ODBD blog introducing a new color, and a special sale. I looked at my order from the night before, and I had automatically gotten the discount, even though I had ordered just before the post went up! I hadn't ordered the Patriot color though, because I didn't know about it. When I saw the blog post, I just figured I would order it next time.

Well, the next time I ordered, I forgot to order the Patriot color and never gave another thought to it. This morning, I received my newest order from ODBD, and in it were two separate packages. I opened one package, and it contained all the beautiful things I had ordered. I was puzzled. What could be in the other package??? When I opened it, it contained a container of Patriot FlowerSoft! Wow, that was so nice of the wonderful people at ODBD! Thank you all so much!

Anyway, this is the first card I have made with the starter kit. The 3-D design on this card is contained in the Flower Soft - Scenic Windows Spring kit as well as the starter kit. It was really fun to make!


JD said...

Lovely card! Isn't working with flower soft fun? and I think you have heard this before...LOL. I have this card topper and have not used it yet...but again, you are inspiring me...

Myrna said...

Such a wonderful surprise. Such a beautiful card.

Angella D. Crockett said...

What a beautiful card, Kathi!! So happy that you got your 'surprise'! Have fun!!! Blessings, Angie