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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hot Off the Press Christmas Card

I bought this paper pack years ago from Hot Off the Press. They used to have a beautiful display of their products at our craft store. Unfortunately, most of the supplies I bought from them were for gifts for others. There were tons of things I wanted. Then, all of a sudden, the display was gone, and most of what I had wanted wasn't available anymore.

They still have beautiful things, but not the ones I wanted the most, and buying off their website isn't fun like it was when you could browse their products in the store.

I made this card by using a 12x12 piece of white linen textured card stock. I scored it in half horizontally, then at 3" and 9". I then cut out the top 3" sections, and cut diagonally down to 3" on the bottom 3" outside sections. I folded the top 6" square down, then folded the outside 3" sections in to the middle to make a gate fold.

The inside has the wisemen section of the paper mounted on gold mirror card, and more of the paper mounted on blue pearl paper for the side sections. I made the outer flaps to match the inner ones.

The rest of the paper was mounted under the top flap. When I folded the outside over the closed card, the two flaps didn't quite meet in the middle, so I added an Anna Griffin dimensional label to half of the front, which covers it up so you can't tell. If I make this card again, I will have to make the center about 5 and 7/8" rather than 6" so that won't happen again!

The front of the card needed something else, and the only thing I had that looked okay were the Queen & Co. pearls. I'm not really happy with them, but nothing else I tried worked. It really was a fun card to decorate in spite of not everything working out quite right.

1 comment:

Snoopy said...

What a stunning card! Love those papers and what you've done with them.

Snoopy :D