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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hot Off the Press Christmas Card 2

This is another card I made from my old Hot Off the Press paper. The pearls on the front really are even, it's just that I didn't crease the door enough, so it was open a bit on top and it looks like they didn't line up in the photograph. The ornaments were down one side of the paper, so I cut them out and arranged them inside. The second time I finished this card, (More on that later), I decided it needed more embellishment on the balls, so I added a bit of gold Stickles to them. Originally the very inside only had the Spellbinders shape outlined with a Pen Touch pen. Then I added the pearls and gold stickers, and thought it was finished.

Then, my new Just Rite stamps arrived, and of course I had to use them. The middle of one of the Christmas stamps had the exact same outline as the Nestability I had used inside, so I stamped it with clear embossing fluid. Then, the bad thing happened. I've always wanted one of those anti-static embossing powder things, but I've never seen them in stores, and when I've ordered on line, I've never seen them in the places I ordered from. I wasn't too worried, I haven't had a real problem before, so I merrily added superfine detail gold, and it stuck everywhere! The card itself was fine, I just brushed the excess off with a paintbrush, but I couldn't get it off the label. It was a mess. I managed to get it all off with a paint brush, but the label was an ugly brown color.
Anyway, I stamped and embossed on a new sheet of card stock, then cut out the label again. The gold was so beautiful, I decided to add it to the edges. That worked pretty well, but I never got it filled in completely. Luckily, it doesn't show up in person, but it does show up in the photographs. I carefully glued it on top of the old ruined label, and you can't tell that I goofed at all. That's when I decided the Christmas balls needed a little glitz to match the label, so I added the Stickles.

I have no idea why the embossing powder stuck to everything when I embossed directly to the card, but luckily it didn't when I made the new label!

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