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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tryptic Christmas Tree Card with Marianne Creatables

When I started this card, I began with an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card stock, then just kept playing with it until I got a shape I liked. After cutting and folding, I realized it wouldn't fit into any envelope I had, so I cut it down some more until it fit an 8 1/2" square envelope.

Then I cut the red cs to fit and applied that. I tried a bunch of Marianne Creatables dies, until I found something I liked, and cut and embossed those and applied them to the card. The sides where the card is folded looked bare, so I ran some ribbon through my little X shaped Xyron, and added that to the sides. Then I added some snowflake buttons I had, and decorated the tree with white sparkly Stickles.

I didn't think it came out too badly for all the experimenting I had to do to make it fit an envelope!


Elizabeth Cooper said...

I'd have never known you did all that experimenting if you hadn't mentioned it. I really love the color of cardstock you used, and the embossing looks wonderful!

kathi17 said...

Checking my comment box to see if it is working right.

Helene said...

You did and excellent job with this card. The white looks stunning with all the red. Very christmas'ish! Have a nice day :-)