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Monday, February 18, 2013

Fancy Fold Card

It's one of those days when I didn't get a card done. I was trying all day to make something I actually liked with my Carnation Creations Die set. I finally found this page a few minutes ago, and may try this one. She's got a bunch more flower tutorials on her site. I haven't looked at them yet, but the carnation is really pretty! Probably part of the reason I didn't get anything good made was because every time I sat down, the phone would ring. It was driving me crazy today!

Anyway, I am uploading a card I made years ago, but never uploaded. I made it so long ago, I don't even remember what these cards are called! At the time I made this one, I only had about two or three Spellbinders dies, so I used this Pendant Die to give the illusion of a doily. I don't remember what the image on it was, but it might have been an Anna Griffin one from a card kit I had.

Maybe I will do better tomorrow!


Myrna said...

What a lovely card.

Sasha said...

How did we manage without Spellbinders, Kathi? LOL!
The other day, while I was sorting through some of my old craft items, I found some lac'e templates, (did you ave those?). There was a lot of intricate cutting with a craft knife, and then folding, to create something that slightly resembled a doily.
BTW your card looks lovely! xx

Marie-Louise said...

This is beautiful Kathi.

JD said...

Lovely card. I made one of these card folds a long time ago...but I can't remember what it was called either. It looks somewhat like a diamond fold card...but this one looks fancier...