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Monday, February 25, 2013

Chinese Birds and Flowers Card

Probably everyone is getting tired of my coloring cards, but it's so much fun. I probably should do something besides circles, because the only Spellbinders I have that are big enough for these are the Grand Squares.

The coloring is done with Copics, and each layer is outlined with gold. The circle and outside square were outlined with my Krylon pen which doesn't work very well. Actually, I have two brand new ones, and neither work, and neither do the two PenTouch pens. I guess they must have been old when I bought them. Anyway, I used a gold Gelyroll pen for the rest of the outlines because it worked better.

Each square layer is also lightly shaded with metallic gold while still in the die to give a little more contrast to each layer, then I used Liquid Pearls for each corner.


Sasha said...

This is a gorgeous image, Kathi. Love those exotic birds and the beautiful colours you have used.
I can't get my Krylons to work well either, Kathi. I have a gold and a silver and they are useless! Or it may just be me who doesn't know how to use them in the right way xx

Myrna said...

Your birds are stunning!!!

Marie-Louise said...

This is gorgeous Kathi - you could never get tired looking at cards like these.

Alison Scott said...

Wonderful card. Love it.