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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Second Never Ending Card

This one is neater, but it's not as pretty as the last one.

Tomorrow we are going to get our taxes done, UGH!! So I decided to try to get another card done tonight.

This time I used some K&Co Nautical paper and die cuts. Since I live on an island, I thought it might be fun to use this paper, even though seahorses don't live in the Labrador Current!

I have always disliked using double sided paper, because I can never decide which side to show, and which to hide. When I made my first card, I wanted to try using the paper so both sides would show rather than mounting it on another sheet. Well, now that I've figured out how these cards go together, I thought I'd try it with this one.

Before I started, I had it in my head that I would need to make sure neither side had a definite bottom and top, but by the time I got done choosing which paper to use, I had forgotten about that, so some sides are upside down. One of these times I'm going to get these cards right!

I tried to use paper that I didn't think would be too busy, but this one is busier than I would have liked it to be.

This is the front. I have mounted everything dimensionally on the front only, because I thought it would probably interfere with the folding. The only thing on the card that isn't K&CO is the anchor and saying. I used Just Rite Stamps for that. I stamped them with Black VersaMark and decided to emboss them with clear embossing powder. Now I remember why I never use the clear. I bought it way back in the old days, before stamping was popular. Before there were any big brands of stamps, just a girl in the mall demonstrating her own brand of stamps and primitive embossing powder. Well, the clear in those days didn't really give a lot of dimension, and made the ink paler than it really is. I guess I need to buy some new clear EP.

This is the second page, it's kind of busy for my taste.

I think the third page is too busy too.

I'm not wild about the back of the card either. I think I should have used something that covered the background more rather than the die cuts. Oh well, maybe I'll be happy with my next attempt! This page is the one where the upside down paper is the most obvious.


Winnie said...

How fun! I have a hard time with the double sided paper..Thanks for inspiring me to dig it out. Such cool images on it.

Elly said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog Kathi!!
Like your neverending cards. Haven't done one yet, because it seems a little difficult ;-)

hugs, Elly