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Friday, January 3, 2014

Embossing Paste, Glitter and Stencils

I have wanted to try embossing paste on a card for a long time, and got inspired by this tutorial by Shaz Brooks.

For my examples, I used some old Anna Griffin stencils I have in my stash. I cut the pearlescent blue and lilac papers to the same size as the stencils because I was afraid I might mess them up if I cut them after they dried.

I did everything else the way Shaz explained it, except I couldn't find my pallette knives, so I used a plastic knife. I loved her idea of using baby wipes on the stencils, and I did that as well.

The only kind of paste I could find in my area was Liquitex Flexible Modeling Paste, and it seemed to work well. After I removed the stencil, I sprinkled on some ultrafine glitter that I had in an old spice bottle. The glitter was from some painted ceramic kits I had bought years ago. I had never used it, and had put it into the bottle for later use.

The plastic knife gave me a bit of a corrugated cardboard type look because of the serrated edges of the knife, but it wasn't too bad. The designs are much sharper in person than in the photos because it has been freezing, snowy and dark here, so I can't get a good photo. I was very pleased about how fine the detail came out, except for a few of the little flowers in the top of the iris one, where I managed to smudge it a bit. There really is a lot more fine detail in person.

Anyway, since I did them last night, they are now dry, and now I get to make cards with them!

1 comment:

Antoinette Voorn said...

Super beautiful cards with the paste!!!