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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW #210

I'm so sorry I missed the last few weeks of WOYWW. My mother is selling her house in Massachusetts and moving to Maine permanently. We have been back and forth a lot, as well as helping her to get unpacked. Plus, I have been getting our summer shop open and watching it. I will try to visit as many people as I can, but with things so busy here, it may not be very many, since she is due back with more stuff this weekend. (She's 82, so I try to help her as much as possible). I may take a little break from WOYWW until fall, since I don't think it's fair for me to participate if I don't get a chance to visit as much as I should.

Anyway, here is how I have things set up in a room behind my shop at the moment. Right now, I have a set of shelves sitting on the counter with jars of flowers and bows in them. The large jars with the red covers on them are instant coffee jars our supermarket used to sell. They were wonderful for storing all sorts of things, but alas, the supermarket has changed to cheap plastic jars, and we can't get these any more. The rest of the jars are a couple of antique glass cookie jars which belonged to my grandmother, and a very old blue Mason Jar. There are also a few flat plastic containers with more bows and flowers, as well as assorted stuff.

On the left is my precious wooden box with scissors and other things I use every time I make cards, (the tape is what I use to tape down dies. It's easier to remove from that, than from the tape dispenser), as well as my wax paper for die cutting. On top of that is my favorite Core'dinations Pearl paper. I hope they haven't stopped making it, because I haven't found any other paper I like as well, and JoAnn's has stopped selling it. The paper is sitting on my sponge dauber box.

Next is a small notebook from Staples with JustRite stamps in it. On my cutting mat is a card I am working on. Behind that is a plastic container with embossing powder in it, and behind that are my cups of pencils, brushes, blending tools and embossing styluses, and some jars of Ranger Nibs.

Leaning up against the wall, are my Grand Calibur plates, trimmers, my scoreboard and various other cutting mats and things. On the right are a bone china cup I found in the stuff my mother is selling on a yard sale, (Her stuff is all in that same room). A decorated cigar box I am finishing is behind it with my ATG on top, and my Really Useful Box organizer thingy is to the right of that, with some other boxes I have stamped and am painting. Usually the Really Useful Boxes aren't right there, but I put them in the photo because I know Shaz Silverwolf likes them too! You can also see the end of my heat gun peaking out from behind them as well as scissors and a stamp on an acrylic block.

If you want to see what WOYWW is all about, go visit Julia at The Stamping Ground, and find out how you can snoop into people's craft rooms all over the world!

Oh, it's quite neat because I am so used to having to pick everything up all the time at home. Sometimes I leave everything out, but I am trying not to do that. I will try to do some visiting tonight. I was supposed to open the shop 15 minutes ago, but I haven't even left the house yet!


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Kathi. I think you should post for WOYWW whenever you want to and not worry too much about visiting. There's no WOYWW police. *smile* Your table looks nice and organized and ready for crafting. I usually pick up my stuff, too (this week is an exception). ~ Laura #101

Regina Hamilton said...

Hey, Kathi. I agree with Laura, post whenever you want. I don't get to everyone desk, either. I do as many as time allows. Love your setup, especially the flower jars. What type of business do you have? I'm curious. Good luck on helping out with your mom's move. Happy crafting #8

Carol Clements said...

I do not post each time, missed a few after my back operation. I do not manage to get round to everyone.
Happy WOYWW.

Shaz Brooks said...

Rofl! I am indeed, I freely admit, a RUB hoarder. I think I possibly need RUB anonymous!I can't resist them. Poor Beloved Hubby sighs & raises his eyebrows if we go into any store carrying them, he knows at least one will follow us home.
I agree with the others, post as often as you want, and visit who & how many you can. We all have 'real lives' outside WOYWW, and very few manage to visit everyone. Lots of people visit those who visit them, and/or people who's number ends the same as theirs. Don't feel pressured- its all about fun & friendship- and you don't have to see every friend you have every day, do you?Hope your Mum is happy with her move, mine is 80 this weekend, and I know she would totally hate having to move house.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #36xxx

JD/ Jill said...

Hi Kathi, It's late and night, and I can't remember if I posted my comment for this. (shouldn't post when I'm half asleep...LOL) your work space looks so organized...thanks for sharing.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

ah smiled at the *WOYWW police* definitely none around and truly folk do understand :D we all struggle one way or another ..
..and I put my tape on top of my diecut machine for same reason so always have several pieces to use :D

thanks for popping over, I do love your blog so going to prowl some more , Shaz in oz.x #4