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Monday, March 12, 2012

Working on an Album, and a wonderful Blog

Today I found a wonderful blog, Creative Cafe, with tutorials for really fun albums. You can see the blog here. I had always wanted to make one of those complicated albums, but it's easier when you follow a tutorial for the first time. Since my internet is too slow for utube, and I don't have sound on my computer, I had never tried them.

Susie McGuire made such beautiful albums, that I sat through all those little dots that keep circling, and did my best to try to follow her instructions. I didn't have any of the envelopes she used, so I improvised, and also improvised on sizes, since I have no idea what size everything was. You need sound for a lot of the info! If I can get this far without sound, and seeing mostly dots circling around rather than video, I'm sure those of you who have real internet and sound should have no problems following the tutorials.

I've still got a lot of pages to do, and hope to do more tomorrow, but this is what I have so far.

This is the first page I did when everything is put together. There are two long panels for photos and journaling which are held in place by the tab. Under that, are two smaller panels for photos in pockets mounted on the page.

This photo shows the page without the panels inserted. The two longer panels have a place for a photo and a smaller place below to write on. The smaller panels are just made to mount a photo on.

This photo shows the backs of the panels. I have used a lined DP on the backs of the longer ones for journaling or notes about the photos on this page of the album.

This photo shows the next page. It has a band holding an envelope which contains another panel for journaling and photos. I didn't notice until now that I inserted the envelope upside down when I took the photograph. I made the envelope myself with no instructions, and was happy with the way it turned out. Sometimes I surprise myself!

This is the page with the envelope removed. The page is right side up this time.

This panel goes inside the envelope. It contains a place for a photo, and one for labeling.

The back side of the same panel has lines for easier journaling.

This is actually a split page, I should have seperated them in the photo to make it easier to see. The two sections are to mount photos on. Ooops, this photo is also upside down. The binding holes should be on the left.

The backs of the two sections also have lines for journaling.
These will actually be behind the sections I hope to make tomorrow. Tomorrow's pages will be quite complicated, with flip up little books on the sections.

I have used various brands of paper for my journal, I just chose a bunch of what I had in shades of brown. They were very easy to punch in my Cinch.

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