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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

still on vacation, but got more goodies!

I really wanted the Cinch Bindery for Christmas, but it wasn't anywhere in our area of Maine, and it was too late to order one on line. I managed to get one here in Rochester. They only had a couple of binding wire things, so I bought the four they had. Now I need to find some place to order 2:1 wires on line. I'm also wondering if the Cinch will punch mat board. I cut mats for my photography, and have tons of leftovers large enough for albums but not for my photography. Mat board is so much nicer than chipboard, and is acid free.

Today I got to Michael's. We don't have a Michaels any where near us, so it's always a treat to go. I finally got MS stamp around the page, a punch around the page, and a punch all over thing. I've looked for those for a long time, and this is the first time I've seen them.

Another thing I've wanted for a long time and never found were liquid pearls. I got three packages!

Then I found a ton of small flowers in bottles. I got seven bottles. In Maine, all I've been able to find are Prima, and there were more really large flowers than small. The two kinds of Primas I like are either really difficult to find or are discontinued, so I was really happy to find these.

I never found any of the Spellbinders I want the most, the Martha Stewart punch I want the most or some branch punches I've been looking for forever. Oh well, I'll be here for a few more days, so maybe I'll find them someplace, and I did get my Cinch!

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