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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Still Catching up from Vacation

I'm still catching up from vacation. If I haven't visited your blogs yet, it's because my internet is barely working, so it's taking me a long time to catch up.

I have been working on some cards, but I can't show the ones I've been doing yet. Next week I'll be able to tell you why. :-) Instead, I'll talk about some of my new goodies I got at Michael's last week.

I got one of those multi colored 10 drawer rolling carts so I would have more storage. They were on sale. I'm glad I didn't pay full price, because there were a few screws missing even though everything was sealed. Since the kit would have been over $60 at regular price, I would have thought they would have had a few extra screws in there rather than too few. Also, the drawers don't fit very tightly and come out of their tracks easily. I don't hate it, it's very useful and I'm glad I bought it, but it wouldn't be worth $60. If you get one, don't expect to store anything like punches or large amounts of paper in the drawers, because it won't support them. It's great for things like stamp pads and bottles of Stickles and other light things though.

I also got one of those plastic storage boxes that have all the little containers for 4x6 photos. That was on sale too. I bought it to sort and hold all those beautiful K&Co dimensional stickers, as well as to sort some of my scraps in.

I also got one of the five piece sets of distress markers. I got the small set because I'm still building my collection of Copics, (I got some more of those too), and I wasn't sure I needed to start a collection of another brand of marker.

I finally found the Spellbinders Romantic Rectangles in stock, so I got those. Spellbinders has really been making some beautiful dies lately, and my wish list is getting too long!

I also got some of those plastic tubes you put ink into and a nib onto to make your own marker. I forgot what they are called, as well as some blending stump things. I can't remember what those are called either. (All my stuff is at my shop, so I can't look at the names of them).

Then I got more Liquid Pearls, more distress stamp pads, more memento dewdrops, more ribbon, more tape for my ATG, and some K&Co Christmas dimensional stickers.

I also finally found the MS Punch with three hydrangeas, and the one with three small butterflies, and the sand dollar and starfish one.

It was a really fun shopping trip!


Sasha said...

Hope you had a lovely vacation, Kathi. Sorry to hear you have internet problems, but pleased to hear that you've been getting lots of lovely crafting goodies x

JD said...

I'm working on my storage area in my craft room too. It takes away from my card making time, but in the long run it helps me to be more efficient and orgainized (which I lack) I know I need to do something with my new craft room because I'm in there trying to make a new card...and in a matter of minutes it looks like a hurricane went through. I came to the realization that I need more storage. I have some of those plastic bins too, and I'm not crazy about them. But I do like the ones with the cloth drawers (like can't remember what they're called. but I find them easier to work with, and pull out as I need them...(but I can't put heavy stuff in them)
Hope you have a good week, can't wait to see what you are working on.