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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspiring Blogs

I thought I would list my four favorite blogs to visit, so you could check them out too. The cards these girls make always seem to be of very high quality. I know there are other beautiful blogs out there that I have probably never seen, and other ones in my side bar that I also like to visit, but these are the four which I am most excited about visiting every day. It is just a matter of taste, these girls seem to make the cards in styles I like the best, and they update their blogs almost every day. I'm posting them here, because they give me so much pleasure and inspiration, and I hope you get as much pleasure and inspiration from them as I do.

They aren't in any particular order, I like them all equally, so I am listing them in the order they are appearing in my sidebar at the moment I type this post.

moja papierowa kraina I love Monia's blog for her beautiful use of flowers, her style of cards, everything on her site is perfection!

KittieKraft What I love most on Kittie's site Is her beautiful use of flowers and the way she makes her floral sprays and wreaths. Everything on this site is perfection as well.

Amazing Paper Grace I think everyone must have been to Becca's site, so you will know why it is in my list of very favorite blogs. If by some small chance you haven't, be sure to visit her!

Elly's Card Corner I love Elly's site for her extremely creative use of dies and flowers. If you need inspiration for using your dies, be sure to check Elly's site out. You'll be amazed at how gorgeous her cards are!

I don't think I will ever achieve the level excellence that these girl have, but I can try! I hope you enjoy visiting them as well.

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Monia said...

Thank you for your kind words, I`m happy :)