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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Went to AC Moore Again and got some Marker Storage

First, it's been a busy few days, so I'm really sorry I haven't been to visit. Hopefully I will get around to see you guys in the next couple of days.

Anyway, the lady at the cigar shop who has been saving boxes for me finally got two more of the Robusto boxes. She wants me to make two more jewelry boxes for her like the first one I made, so I think I will be very busy trying to get those done. I did manage to get the cover finished on the album for the cigar box I posted the other day, and made a few pages for it, but her jewelry boxes will have to come first.

I make the dividers out of basswood, which I used to get at a local craft store, but unfortunately, the new owner is not good about ordering things, so we had to go all the way to AC Moore for basswood.

While there, I got this marker storage tray from ArtBin. (It's the square thing with the Spectrum Noirs in it). Some of you will probably remember that I talked about ArtBin's wonderful customer service a month or two ago. Their customer service was even better than I told on my blog. I don't want to say what they did for me, because there are so many people who might take advantage, but I will say that they are an unbelievably good company!

The storage tray has clip things to hold it in place about half way up the inside of the Double Deep Super Satchel, the Super Satchel Semi, or the Marker Storage Satchel. To use the markers, you can place the satchels vertically without them falling out of the holes, so you can easily see and reach your markers.

My Copics are still in the 36 marker case, which exactly fit into one of the divided cases of the Super Satchel Double Deep. I don't have a large selection of markers yet, so I keep my one Copic Refill, and the Copic Syringe things in another compartment, and 6" origami paper and paper stacks in another compartment.

The double deep is exactly the right height for Copics and Spectrum Noirs, so they won't fall out when carrying it. It is too short for things like distress markers, but I would rather have the exact fit for the markers I have the most of than have it deeper and have the markers fall out of the slots.

AC Moore also had Spectrum Noir pens on sale for $7.88, so I bought a pink set and a blue set. I like my Copics better, but I have to send away for them, and they are more expensive. At this price for the Spectrum Noirs, I couldn't pass them up!

They also finally had the refills for my ATG, so I got two of those!

Then there was the Managers Special on a portable file folder thing with 300 sheets of 12x12 Nicole CS. I hesitated on that one, because I'm really fussy about my paper, but a lot of it wasn't bad. I really wanted the zippered file folder thing though, because I've been trying to figure out a place to keep my Christmas papers. I figure I'll keep only Christmas papers in that, and it will free up space for the paper I use the rest of the year, as well as keep the Christmas paper protected.

I also really wanted something easy to carry when we go out to New York at Christmas time. I usually go wild buying paper that isn't sold at JoAnns and AC Moore when I get out there, but it's always a struggle to get it home without messing it up. I will be able to take the paper out of it when we go to visit, then put all my new paper into that to get it home safely.

It was a fun trip!


JD/ Jill said...

Always fun to go shopping! I like that art bin, don't remember seeing that before.

Olga said...

I love to shop, looks like a great find!